Growing up inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Geoffrey Nusbaum knew his place in life was to help others. In this respect, Dr. Nusbaum decided on a career in mental health to be able to uplift people and help them handle their pain. He set out on this in his academics, first earning a Bachelor of Arts from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri in 1967. He continued his education at Hartford Seminary, receiving a Master of Arts in 1971, and later a PhD in 1978. Dr. Nusbaum is a diplomate of the American Board of Medical Psychotherapy, has certification through the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and is a licensed therapist in the state of New Jersey.

Since 1972, Dr. Nusbaum has worked in a private practice with locations in Marlton, New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has leveraged his skills and expertise as a psychotherapist for Medpsych Associates and has previously served as a consultant for the Bancroft School and the New York Fertility Research Foundation. In addition to these roles, Dr. Nusbaum has contributed to the International Council of Sex Education and Parenthood. He specializes in helping people with psychoanalytic therapy. His areas of expertise include loss, illness and disease, psychoneural endocrinology, post-traumatic stress, spirituality, chronic illness and threatening and non-threatening pain.

In his line of work, Dr. Nusbaum has maintained affiliation with a variety of professional organizations in order to better serve his practice and patients. He has been affiliated with the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the North American Society for Psychosocial Obstetrics & Gynecology, The New York Academy of Science, the American Board of Medical Psychotherapists, the American Academy of Psychotherapists, the World Federation for Mental Health, the Fallopius International Society, the International Psychosomatic Institute and Mensa International. He has co-founded Psychological Issues. In 1978, he published “The Country Place: An Intentional Therapeutic Community.” Furthermore, Dr. Nusbaum has contributed as a peer manuscript reviewer and to numerous scientific journals.

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